by kusama1
created Jan 1, 2015
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said Jan 1, 2015
Has the makings of a great level, but unfortunately the camera spoils it somewhat. Would prefer to see where I'm going next, so I can rely on visual cues instead of just raw memorization. I recommend checking out Shin Rekkoha's camera tutorial at
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 4, 2015
Yeah after playing it and reading that, the level just covers too much vertical space to not have a camera.  Almost every fall leads to death if you don't nail a slope boost or heavy a prism, and all of them are blind.  After you've memorized the blind parts it becomes a fun enough map.
said Jan 1, 2015
I keep frame tying Dragonnex...
said Jan 18, 2015
As has been said the camera could be better, there's at least one checkpoint where you don't start on the ground, and I don't see any reason for the whole thing to be dark.  These issues aside, I enjoyed it.

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