Mountain Climb

by deathstar3548
created Oct 11, 2014
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map notes
First off, I'm not too happy about the end of the laboratory part. I couldn't really change it too much because of limited space. Ah well.
Just three secrets here, not too much

Also, I wanted to share some weird things that were happening in the editor.
If I beat the map then quickly press tab to go to the editor, it shows the Judgement screen with 3 names
Then, If I were to view the replay for one of them, It would just show them falling and spazzing out all over the place (Just a warning, be sure to save your map before you watch the replay, because you can't tab back out to the editor. I lost a big part of the map from this)
THEN, sometimes when I am testing my map later, it shows the name of who I watched the replay of in the top left, as if I was still watching a replay.

Just wondering if this happens to other people. Thanks a bunch!


said Oct 11, 2014
Next map: Probably something with Megaman
said Oct 11, 2014
I can't play the map yet, but:
The weird things you're talking about is nothing to worry about. It happens every now and then. And the name in the upper left corner is "normal" as well.
said Oct 11, 2014
Ah I see. Thanks :P
said Oct 11, 2014
Nice map! It reminds me the custom map Vulcan.
In the first section it's a bit hard to distinguish the character/enemies with the background (probably because you used a large camera), but maybe it's just my monitor.
said Oct 11, 2014
I was afraid that would be a problem, thanks for the feedback! :D

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