Glass Climb

by Superkid
created Jan 3, 2014
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map notes
Here you're climbing glass cliffs to get
some joy out of the last hexagon-prisms.

Have fun!
retagged Jan 4, 2014


said Jan 3, 2014
The purple-orange color gradient is the best color gradient
said Jan 3, 2014
i experimented a lot to get something that's not totally awful :-)
said Jan 3, 2014
Oh. Oh god. Please. No.

EDIT: Dustforce has taught me that I am, at heart, a masochist.
edited Jan 3, 2014
said Jan 4, 2014
Probably not Towelie
said Jan 4, 2014
This is a prime example of what not to make a map entirely of. I hate these things. Your background, however, makes up for the shitty use of those endless ceiling run things as it is absolutely stunning.
said Jan 4, 2014
They're fitting the theme so well though :-/ hm thanks for that, but I got it from "Treasure Hill" by Spiceman tbh :P
said Jan 4, 2014
I liked the map and I like the concept. I haven't yet got SS but it was fun trying to finish the map.
I think you could also make a no-dust map with this concept, so you haven't the problem of the dust visibility and you can use a different tileset... the background and the colors are really nice, but imho the map could be better with non-transparent tiles.
said Jan 4, 2014
I already thought about doing a no-dust version. But either I don't use any prisms or it can't be really challenging imo. Thanks though!
said Jan 4, 2014
Now that you said you were originally thinking to do it without dust I realize that is exactly what I wanted to see
This would be *perfect* if it could do that and maybe go a little further
said Jan 5, 2014
wow thanks! i'll check how much different stuff there is to get through without any prisms or combo-generating things
said Jan 4, 2014
love it :)

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