Tera Yotta Training

by Rom_Prom
created Dec 28, 2021
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map notes
I made a copy of Yotta dedicated to the Tera portion because I needed to practice it really badly, but whenever I took a break I just kept adding little visual details that I thought could improve it. By the time I could SS this portion on command, I realized it had become almost as detailed enough to be a map of its own, even if the design was still from the base game.
Since I don't really want this to just sit on my hard drive for eternity, I'm putting it here. Maybe you could give me some feedback?


said Dec 28, 2021
I have no idea why you thought zooming in the camera closer would help you practice Tera.  The small aesthetic changes are pretty nice, but the camera really bugs me.
edited Dec 28, 2021
said Dec 29, 2021
That's fair. Personally the original camera always bugged me since two-thirds the screen went unused while on the remaining one-third, precision with air control became more difficult. Since this was a map I had made for learning the section and getting the muscle memory down for the real thing, I found it best to zoom in a bit and keep a closer eye on my altitude.
I suppose it isn't for everyone, though, so I apologize.
said Dec 29, 2021
Agreed with temp. The camera makes no sense to me. Makes it a lot harder to time stuff when you can't see it...
said Dec 30, 2021
said Dec 31, 2021
Art was fun, emotionally supportive gameplay, for a practice map prob should try and keep camera as close to the OG as possible. You should def channel this energy into more maps.
said Jan 4, 2022
People aren't a fan of the camera, and generally I'd agree, but given that you made this for your own practice I think it's fair enough. I really like the visual stuff you've done. Would be really cool to see what else you could make. If you make more maps it'd be worth getting some feedback from the dustforce discord before publishing, as there's lots of ways to make things even better :).

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