Temple of Spirits

by TwinkieSWF
created Sep 4, 2020
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map notes
Temple of Spirits is intended to be a 2P co-op map. SS completion is possible in single player, however, certain parts may not make sense without P2's insight.

Experience the story of Log #10,032 and how two dusters overcome death and the universe in the Temple of Spirits. The map includes 4 hidden apples and 13 lore logs.

Special thanks to Blue, Lotus and jdude for playtesting my map and another special thanks to mister_simon for teaching me how to use sublayers and scripts.

Dustmod Notes: The map is centered around the zRespawner trigger which currently has two limitations. The first is that respawned enemies do not attack or even react to players around them. The second is that floating enemies like turkeys will infinitely drift upward or downward upon respawning. The map has been designed around these limitations to the best of my abilities, however, the map may not play correctly should the zRespawner trigger be updated in the future.
retagged Sep 5, 2020


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