by MNTempest
created Aug 22, 2020
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map notes
Shout outs to everyone who helped make CC3! especially Slish, idk how we ever could have done this without you.

edit: also I forgot to give a shout out to C for helping with art!
retagged Dec 23, 2020


said Aug 24, 2020
Art on this was really nice.  Gameplay was too.  I liked the dustblock zip at the start as your "signature".  For this individual section, you probably shouldn't have included the checkpoint at the very start though. I realize this is part of one mega-map though so its completely forgivable.

I think for a first section this worked super well.  It wasn't super difficult, and was a good section to get  your hands warm with lots of super readable gameplay that just flows and feels good.  I'm honestly a big fan of the droof, it isn't hard gameplay wise but it is just kinda fun to do. I think the only section I struggled with was the circle of large prisms right after the 3rd super burn where you needed to get to the ceiling below.  I never figured out how to make that flow well.  It is quite possible my brain is just small though.

Anyway, really fun!  Thanks for the map!
said Aug 24, 2020
Droof good
said Aug 25, 2020
yee, my favorite map of CC3
said Dec 23, 2020
This map is great.

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