koronA kwaranteeN

by Slish
created May 18, 2020
319 views | 444 downloads

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map notes
this is my biggest project yet i worked super long and hard for many hours on this. I know that qwaranteen is with a q but i wanted it to match korona lol.

this one is a story map, the green balls are teh virus and you have to destroy it to save the human race


said May 18, 2020
i like the map but it lags my computer so it's a bit hard to play. maybe stack less death triggers and emitters and props and stuff so it lags less !!
said May 18, 2020
ohhhhhhhhh i could not figure out why my laptop keep freeze lol
said May 19, 2020
OOPS GUYS i didnt mean to put dust inside the wall!! should i fix it and upload a new one?
said May 19, 2020
Yeah I give up with you maps. Didn't think you'd take "more effort" as "spending more time spamming useless death triggers to make the map unplayable"
said May 19, 2020
holy moly this lags bad
said May 19, 2020
Unfortunately, like others have said, this map is completely unplayable. There are so many deathzone entities on screen that the game cannot handle it. Two important things can solve this:

First, deathzones can be dragged in large rectangles, and a single deathzone does exactly the same thing as multiple deathzones. Stacking deathzones and chaining smaller deathzones does nothing but create lag, as demonstrated here. In general you only really need 4 deathzones, ever. one over the top of the level, one on either side, and one below. more can be added to keep the death zones closer around the level, but again, stacking is not required, or helpful.

Second, and most importantly, **PLAYTEST YOUR MAPS**. You might have fun making the level, but if you cant have fun playing the level, then nobody else will either.

Even once the unplayable lag has been solved, this level features blind drops, dust outside of the level, dustspread on ceilings out of frame, and porcupines that hit you from offscreen. If you had been able to play your level, then I believe all of these problems could have been fixed. You have made much better levels in the past.

I hope you dont let the criticism of this level discourage you, and instead take it as a learning experience

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