Fallen Angle

by Slish
created May 14, 2020
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map notes
watch out you gotta think fast!


said May 14, 2020
I'm going to comment assuming this isn't a troll account, but I realize it's very likely to be one anyway.

First here's a general advice, when making a map there's one question you should always be asking yourself; "is this fun?", whenever you make an obstacle, gimmick, or anything of the sort, you play it a bunch of time and you ask yourself that question, if it's not then you either change it or remove it. Everything should go through quite a few iteration of making and testing until it is "fun".
If you're not sure something in particular is fun or not you can always ask someone else to also test it.

Another general advice would be to look at the top rated maps and users, look at how their map are made, check replays on them to see how they play out at a high level, etc. I'm not saying that you should copy what they're doing but looking at what other people find fun is a good start.

And the last general advice, if you're making enough maps that you can post a few per day, then probably not enough effort was put into it and people will see it as spam. Quality > quantity.

Now for this map in particular, let's try to approach it with that question in mind.

The start of the map, falling into a deathzone if you don't input fast enough. Is it fun? Not really, all it does is make it so that you have to spam an input at the start and just die a couple of time for every "actual" attempt you'll have at playing the map.

Secondly, those death zone that go over spiked blocks. Is it fun? Not really, all it does is make is confusing exactly where you are going to die or not, making it feel unfair when you know how close you're supposed to be able to get from spikes.

Thirdly, big patches of dustblocks to fall through. Is it fun? Not really, it's really easy to miss some dust and then having to clear them slowly and awkwardly, this game shine when things can be done in a really smooth and fast way. These kind of things really break the flow of the gameplay.

Fourthly, the dead zones next to that last dustblock fall. There is nothing that visually indicate on the map that there is a dead zone right there, it feels really unfair to die for no "apparent" reasons trying to remove the blocks.

And this is just as far as gameplay goes, there's a lot to be said about visuals and other things but if you could at least focus on making the gameplay in your map more enjoyable, it'd go a long way.
said May 14, 2020
Please upload again soon
said May 14, 2020
I liked the part with the yellow
said May 14, 2020
Dont give up!; i started making bad maps too. Kuitar gave me a similiar comment and it changed the way i made maps!

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