Keter SCP

by Spiraler
created Feb 22, 2020
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map notes
Item #: SCP-1134

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-1134 has been constructed within a closed off wing of a residential facility in [REDACTED]. SCP-1134 is not to be moved for any reason. Once per week a janitor with non-electric cleaning supplies is to clean SCP-1134's chamber.

Description: SCP-1134 is a turkey covered in an immense amount of dust. If it reaches speed above 5 meters per second, it will quickly accelerate to improbably high speeds in excess of ████ m/s. Moving SCP-1134 from its current location is considered unsafe and is not to be attempted without approval from an Overseer. Electric cleaning devices are prone to cause acceleration in SCP-1134 and are not to be brought into its containment area.
edited Mar 26, 2023

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said Feb 22, 2020
i'm glad there was lore about the turkey. cuz i did ask why he was in jail

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