Highruins Refurbish

by krackocloud
created Sep 22, 2012
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map notes
First version.

The high ruins have begun to be repaired.

The map is largely the same and still relatively difficult, but it's been revised to be considerably more doable.
SS'able with all characters!

(Maybe you can look forward to a harder version of Highruins in the future?!  :U)

Please note that this is not your typical revision, these are basically two different maps. It's more of an "Easy mode" version.
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Sep 22, 2012
Awesome map, again!  If I could make one recommendation, though: for your next map try to set up a camera.  I think that there are a couple of sections here that would benefit from a stationary, pulled-back camera, such as the part near the beginning where you drop through the slot and boost off of the ramp.  The ramp is just below the camera and it comes in pretty fast, and being able to see it beforehand would make it more intuitive.

Keep up the good work!
said Sep 22, 2012
Good idea. I better figure out how them cameras work next time. But they are pretty confusing!
said Sep 23, 2012
They're really not! Just play around with it and you'll figure it out for sure!
said Sep 22, 2012
Super Administrator
Whew, this one is much more reasonable than the last
said Jun 4, 2014
Geez KrackoCloud, get an SS on your own map.

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