Fresh Buns

by puppetsock1
created May 5, 2018
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map notes
My second map.
Let me know what you think/ any improvements.
Pretty straightforward map although I tried to make the ending have some possible variety.


Probably not Towelie
said May 5, 2018
Not bad, not bad at all. As for improvements, I would say that the camera could use some work particularly for the drop sections, you need to shift+click when placing nodes so that they link together and pull the camera along that route (for a more in-depth description check out Shin's Camera Z Tutorial).
said May 6, 2018
I tried to play with the camera because I didn't like making you blind drop but didn't know you had to link them. Thanks for the tutorial though.
said May 5, 2018
Pretty fun gameplay actually.  Probably could make it better if you add an ambience trigger (to get rid of the bird tweeting noises), a music trigger, and perhaps make layer 18/19 have less black in them.  Also what towelie said about the camera.
said May 5, 2018
this. Every stock level starts with these three triggers (fog, music, ambience) right on top of the spawn, so it's a good habit to get into, putting them in first thing when making a new map.

For the fog triggers in particular, there's a lot of different things to adjust and it can be a bit hard to get used to at first. What you can do though, is borrow fog triggers from other maps by just selecting them while editing the source map, then going to your map and placing it down.

If you're using vanilla, you can find your install folder and copy the files from content/levels2 into user/level_src so that you can edit them. If you're using dustmod, you can use editor anywhere, and there's some fancy pre-made fog triggers you can use

(make sure to credit the source in your description if you borrow from an atlas map though!)
said May 6, 2018
That's what I get for playing with music on zzz didn't even hear the birds. Thanks for the tip
said May 7, 2018
I would say all the dustblock segments need work just cause it was annoying to have to maximize my distance after each dustblock segment. I had a really hard time getting onto that giga wall as Dustgirl just cause my 2nd swing would usually clean the middle and far dustblock and leave me stranded. I thought the ending was pretty neat though. I would just make sure that anything after a dustblock segment is followed by something at least 1 tile lower than the dustblocks, or that any enemies after these segments are positioned closer. Concrete Temple and Kilo Difficult are good vanilla examples of dustblock segments that have some level of forgiveness for those who make the jump. That's just me though ^  ^

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