Colors of the Heart

by Shin Rekkoha
created Mar 27, 2018
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map notes
"Above our hearts we'll find the key together, to fill the day with all the things we treasure."

     This is a collection of not 2, not 3, but 19 Fog Triggers for everyone.  The art is Dustmod-specific and the vanilla client versions of the Fog Triggers really don't look as good, at all.  I made them all myself but did ask the community for funny names a bit for ideas, and some of those names made it into the map.  Try to guess which names aren't mine :).  This was pretty fun to make because it helped me understand a bit about what I think looks good and learn about color theory more.

To copy Fog Triggers from other maps, follow these simple steps:
1: Open this map in the editor.
2: Select the fog trigger you want, you don't even need to use the Add button on the right side.
3: Close the map.
4: Start your map and place a new fog trigger - it's the same as the one you just had selected

You can use them.
You can change them.
You can ignore this map entirely.
I literally don't care yay!  Do whatever, but it's a resource for anyone who wants it.

Specific Info:

     I place a specific type of dust under each Fog Trigger that I planned them around.  In some cases the dust is not 100% colored and is actually a blend factoring in the base color of the dust (example: Godzilla).  If you use a different dust type for those fog triggers, you'll notice it might look bad and will probably want to edit the dust color.

     Layer 17 and Layer 16 are accent tiles to be used behind Layer 19.  Everything on Layer 19 is the standard virtual tile, which has nice outlines and is very transparent.  I used the completely flat "glass" or "water" blue tile for Layers 17 / 16 because they are significantly less transparent than using virtual tiles again AND also have incredibly small edges, fitting neatly behind the virtual tiles.  I put Layer 17 behind anything the player could stand on, and Layer 16 behind stuff covered in spikes.  I gave Layer 15 some subtle colors to place a few props (like for checkpoints, or if you need arrows or NPCs), and put one sun in the very back on Layer 1.  That's it: very basic but also leaving plenty to build on if you want.

Recommended Music:
This song always makes me happy.

"Colors of the Heart" is a title of a badass song used as an OP to Blood+, by the epic gods that are UVERworld.
edited Jan 14, 2022


said Mar 27, 2018
I like these shapes
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 27, 2018
We will change the profane wrongshapes into just shapes that suit my glorious designs.
said Mar 27, 2018
I don't think I'd personally use premades fog trigger but this is really cool and probably a nice ressource for people.

We should have a tag for everything related to map making itself, like this, the camera tutorial, my map on 1x2 walls, etc.
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 27, 2018
"Mapmaking" - I dunno they're all maps after all, but I feel like that tag wouldn't get accidentally used.
said Mar 28, 2018
Sounds good to me. There's only like two super old map with that tag. Now we just have to convince anyone with map of the sort to add it.
said Mar 27, 2018
ping pong reference?
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 27, 2018
A lot more references than just that one.  But yes, the Hero is here.

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