by Shin Rekkoha
created Mar 25, 2018
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map notes
"Most test subjects do experience some cognitive deterioration after a few months in suspension. Now you've been under for... quite a lot longer, and it's not out of the question that you might have a very minor case of serious brain damage."

This map is Green and Purple.  I've done loops and flowy boost maps before, maps with obstacles that are easy to clear without demanding ridiculous precision but that also still flow at some variety of speeds.  With all the space in the world: this isn't too hard to achieve.  Trying to cram stuff like that into a single screen map is a lot more difficult.  I could've made this even more dense and done some Dustmod stuff to get around space limits (like using teleporters) but that would defeat the point of what I was trying to achieve.  Shouldn't be too hard for you beasts.

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edited Jan 16, 2022


said Mar 25, 2018
brb,  calling Valve now, you're gonna get SUED!
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 25, 2018
They all have the wrong shape.  My shape is pure, I cannot be sued.
said Mar 25, 2018
i like the background
said Mar 25, 2018
cool map shin, would be cooler if you added 5 different colors that pulsate as you go though :^)
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 25, 2018
Fog triggers are based on camera position.
said Mar 25, 2018
I learnt that the other day in fact! was just a fun thought though.

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