by AvengedRuler
created Jan 28, 2018
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map notes
Just a quick little map made in free time (note the map was neither a small project nor was it quick to make).  I regret to mention that this map looks SIGNIFICANTLY better on dustmod, although it is still playable on vanilla it is not my best work as this map was a way for me to explore sub-layers and how they can be used to change the aesthetic of a map. Enjoy.

Special thanks to timmy for doing initial gameplay testing, to towlie for giving me some feedback on the background, and to skyhawk for play testing pretty much everything else (basically camera line and finishing touches, everything but the secret (which he gave me the idea to make))
edited Jan 29, 2018


said Jan 28, 2018
i reccomend playing this map
said Feb 5, 2018
Quick back heavy baby

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