shore acres2

by C. Cleveland
created Aug 24, 2012
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map notes
I was originally intending this map to be for Marksel's race that happened on August18th. Well, I was too busy to pretty her up but I kept the route the same for a while. I've been working on the aesthetics of it for almost 2 weeks. There are sort of two secret areas and I was about to build a huge underground maze for people to explore but I'll save that for my adventure map which I'll be working on.

keep goin right.
oh and the final fog trigger goes a lil too early. just do that part quickly anyways. spam dash-heavy in midair. youll be fine.
edited Aug 24, 2012


said Aug 31, 2012
You really did well when designing the level. It looks professional, to me.

One question though; how did you add the fireflies? I can't figure out how to use any of the emitters.
C. Cleveland
said Sep 8, 2012
its in emitters. select an emitter and just drag across the area you want the emitter to be in. but once you delete an emitter you have to select an emitter again. even if its the same one.

and thanks for the comments :D i spent a lot of time on it

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