City Gardens

by C
created May 19, 2017
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map notes
This is actually what my hanging gardens map was supposed to look like, but I couldn't get the look I wanted at that time,
so I put the map on hold until now.

Certain sections may not be immediately obvious the first time you play them, but I think they shouldn't be too hard to figure out, and
are fairly straight forward once know how.
edited May 20, 2017


said May 20, 2017
said May 21, 2017
Thank you
said May 21, 2017
Many cool ideas, but too many annoying sections for my taste
said May 21, 2017
I did say it may require some thought.
And I think it plays fairly well if you take the time to figure it out.
The first bear and porcupine for example can be done with a single backdown heavy.
Shin Rekkoha
said May 22, 2017
I have to agree with both of you, but the map still feels like more of a chore to play than something I'd do for enjoyment.  The fastest strats are ridiculously obtuse IMO and the fact that I can just watch a replay to know what to do somewhat invalidates all the puzzley maps in Dustforce.  It's just not fun to try and figure it out.
said May 25, 2017
Visually, this map is 10/10 - let's just get this out of the way at the start. The lanterns and turquoise outlines are beautiful. The TONS of details with all the foliage placement, contrasting tiles, background elements, structures etc. was all fantastic. More than just recognizing the awesomeness of the visual elements though, I feel immersed... which very few maps do on atlas are capable of doing. Almost all of your "realistic" maps are incredibly immersive and it feels like I am playing a single part in some overall narrative of a living, breathing world. Every prop and tile that you place feels right. The fact that you are able to explore secrets to uncover the narratives make it that much better.

Gameplay though: I had a hate/love relationship. There are some obscure movement/combat tech. I had to watch a replay and have people point out what the intended or optimal movement was. However, that wasn't really the frustrating part. More than once I wasn't sure where to go or how to approach looping around obstacles. One point I went below, rather than up to the top of the map and had no idea where I was supposed to go or what to do. Overall it felt like I was constantly not doing the right thing, even though I recognized that there was probably a better way to do each obstacle.

Damn surface dwellers stealing the apples!
edited May 26, 2017
said Jul 3, 2017
Wow, so beautiful) You did really great work))))

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