Centi Difficult

by Temmie
created Apr 19, 2017
329 views | 681 downloads

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/ 4 votes

map notes
an easy(ish) virtual map in the style of the "difficults"


said Apr 19, 2017
Fun kid map, including the setup jorf
said Apr 19, 2017
Zetta slope NotLikeThis
said Apr 19, 2017
Zetta slope Kreygasm
said Apr 27, 2017
Felt kind of like a fatter version of Yotta. As in, all the tiles were really thick or large. IE: instead of the zeta slope being 1 tile wide, it was 2. The cubes being much larger as well.

Also there are some sections where there is while tiles in the background, but its rather inconsistent. Is it to highlight where to go and pick up dust? Or is it something else? Either way, it doesn't stay consistent throughout the map, and is a bit close in color to the main white tiles - Makes it hard to knows its in the background at first.

That being said, it was still fun to play and I love the slant sections.

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