grape choice

by fishmcmuffins
created Feb 24, 2016
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map notes
map i put together inspired by sleuth's newest map and a few various ideas from different maps i wanted to compile

made for man, probably doable as anyone just wont be fun lmao

have fun, this is pretty really hard
edited Feb 24, 2016


said Feb 24, 2016
That ending dustblock is murder with dustworth = /

Dropping into a giga wall is probably doable but... not right now.

Cool level for the rest of it.
said Feb 24, 2016
YEAH i tried to make that section not terrible for kid/worth without ruining it for man but i couldnt get it to work out
said Feb 24, 2016
Try making a hard map next time
said Feb 24, 2016
no u
said Feb 24, 2016
dangit ur right, i wont let you down next time mate
edited Feb 24, 2016
said Feb 24, 2016
*heavy breathing*
said Feb 25, 2016
the final checkpoint truly defeated me, and i loved every excruciating (in the best possible way) second of it
said Feb 25, 2016
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 27, 2016
Too tough for me, but very very clever.

I'd just like to recommend a trick for virtual maps of this style: using another different colored layer and overlapping the collision tiles above or below.  It helps emphasis spikes/dust/dustblocks and makes those things "pop" more instead of making it all one color.  Then you can play with 2 different colors for collision stuff on top of a third color for entities.

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