by Aaragon
created Oct 25, 2015
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map notes
Second of seven. Learned a lot from the last map, hopefully it's a lot more fun than the last!

There's also another speed route in this one.

Previous map of the series:

edited Dec 20, 2015


said Oct 26, 2015
If you could get the cameras to pan out so areas can be seen more clearly before reaching them, that would really help. For instance, I have no idea what's coming up down below me here.

Gameplay is fun as usual. Good job.
said Oct 26, 2015
Good to know, thanks!
Shin Rekkoha
said Oct 28, 2015
It's funny seeing a map of this style from a new map maker.  The "spike-choked 45 degree tiles everywhere prism air control maps" were amazingly popular for a long time.  I ended up making one to shamelessly copy the style and people loved it, even though I intended it more as a joke.  I like this one though.  The colors you picked look good.
said Oct 28, 2015
I love that style of map probably because of that brutal (at the time ok) segment in Mega.

Glad to hear the colors were good. I was worried layer 12 and the player were too closely shaded to pick apart.

Thanks by the way. Hope to have more out with some extra variety!
Shin Rekkoha
said Oct 29, 2015
I have an extremely high contrast OLED monitor.  For me I can usually see all the shit; I'm more likely to complain about overuse of bright colors.  Sure I CAN turn down my brightness/contrast for those maps... but that's a weak solution.  Nobody complained about the contrast though, and there are plenty of people here just waiting to post a memetic "can't see shit".
said Oct 29, 2015
I think I got that last map with my (rightfully awful) dead drops with no camera pan out.

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