by fishmcmuffins
created Sep 25, 2015
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map notes
hi guys its my first level

it features really dumb gimmicks (tires and dustblocks) and will hopefully make you think a bit despite being a linear level

more interested in gameplay comments; feel free to be as harsh as you want, i had fun making this regardless. already aware of camera/visibility problems but im more interested to see how people comment on maps in this style

also i only tested as man but im pretty sure its easily doable as all characters to some extent, but yeah have fun

thanks to fresh for testing
retagged Dec 30, 2015


said Sep 25, 2015
Cool map. Some of the rolling tire sections can be cheesed even without cheatkid though, not gimmicky enough
edited Sep 25, 2015
said Sep 25, 2015
i had trouble finding a mix between not cheesable and enjoyable/not random (tire bouncing made a cool middle section i had planned not work like 20% of the time)

but hey, the cheese strats look pretty damn cool so im happy
said Sep 26, 2015
Tire gimmicks are the best.
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 26, 2015
10/10 puns tho.
said Sep 26, 2015
I really enjoyed the general idea, but sometimes the bobbing of the tires was unpredictable, and would result in you getting hit since you attacked it against a wall instead of over a wall (specifically at the very beginning).

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