Test Run

by GHM
created May 10, 2012
398 views | 693 downloads

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map notes
Test #304K has been approved by all officials required by test protocol 1-97A. Begin testing immediately.

More checkpoints
Reworked a few small areas
Leveled out difficulty

SS-able by all four characters
Medium length
Medium difficulty
1 secret path


said May 10, 2012
So fun! I love the aesthetics with the little text blurbs, really cool.
said May 10, 2012
Much appreciated. Tried to give it a little bit of a Portal feel with the text.
said May 10, 2012
i like the idea of adding something of a story to the game. more on this theme please
said May 10, 2012
Hm, hard to rate this map...

There are a few annoying things here:

•First of all I don't know what about this 5 seconds of nothing at the start. I mean why do I have to wait 5 seconds every time I restart the map? :S
•Score-Run: I don't get the first 3 dust-blocks. Are you supposed to cut that or do you really just have to wait until they disappear?
•Score-Run: The second checkpoint isn't placed that good since you have to dash-jump.
•Score-Run: Some of the dust-blocks are placed bad which kind of breaks the flow.

The Time-Run is quite funny. Could be a bit longer though.
said May 10, 2012
1: I was going for a small amount of immersion throughout the level with the whole "test" thing, and I decided to make the intro fit that. It's a gimmicky thing I don't plan on using again in that form, but it fits well.
2: While a bit tedious, I rather like them in the fact that they give you time to think about what's coming next (that and line the person up).
3: If you're speaking of this checkpoint, a dash-jump is not required. Jump straight up then dash forward towards the first crystal. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993006845/screenshot/558689762807094332
4: I will admit there are some glaring oversights on block placements.

I'll remember this stuff in the future to avoid annoyingly tedious aspects of levels. Thanks for the criticism.
said May 10, 2012
Sorry for being so strict but you will see that all my comments are and will be like this. ;)

You're right about the second checkpoint. I don't know why the hell I didn't think of that. xD
said May 11, 2012
No need to apologize. Well constructed criticism without any rage is a huge help.
said May 11, 2012
nice run, like this
said May 11, 2012
loved it, skipped it at first though because of the name, then saw it had a good rating. I literilly thought it was a test map, not a map with a setting that involves a 'test'. Probably good to think about that when naming, though
said Mar 11, 2013
I liked the map, but the start is stupid. It's like adding loading screens in Dustforce.
This reminds me valve with their incinerator map in Portal 2, forcing speedrunners to wait at the start of every attempt. :s
edited Mar 11, 2013

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