4 Minute Mile

by JewToTheRescue
created Apr 25, 2015
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map notes
Going right and up from spawn is the any% route (Dustworth suggested, spike jumps required)
The SS route is a bit longer (All chars work, needs perfect ramp or at least 1 spike jump)

This is the first map I have made, spent a couple hours fooling around with the editor last night and made this monstrosity. I know it's got a LOT of problems and is probably too difficult so please give me any constructive criticism for my next effort.

PS: Spike jump tip is hold Jump+DownDirection on them (after air charge is gone). If  you are missing dust it's the drop at the end, just super that crap.
edited Apr 25, 2015


said Apr 25, 2015
Your map does not have cameras, shin made a tutorial about it: http://atlas.dustforce.com/4483/camera-tutorial

You can use   fog_triggers to change the color of tiles and entities.

I suggest you to open vanilla and custom maps to figure out how to do stuff and to improve your map-making skills.
edited Apr 25, 2015
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 25, 2015
I mean yeah, like all of that, please.

Sidenote: I did not finish...
said Apr 25, 2015
VERY HARD. I couldn't beat it. I look forward to your next map though, hopefully you can add some visual things to make it look cool.
said Apr 25, 2015
No. So much no.
said Apr 25, 2015
It's okay.

I think next time you should try making a map that doesn't have spikes (or has very few). A lot of people, myself included, fell into the MUST MAKE EVERYTHING SPIKEY trap.
said Apr 25, 2015
It's pretty good for a first map with a difficult focus, that's entire idea pretty much doomed to have problems.  The boosts directly into on the ground spikes were no fun, the square blocks array never has seemed good for me, and certain things were probably tighter then they should've been.  That said, I did like the overall use of level space, and the variance of challenges.

Also I would say that this level would be a mid-easy difficult in difficulty, if you're willing to take it slowly.  It is a tad on the long side though.
said Apr 25, 2015
I appreciate the feedback guys. Things to work on for the second map.

*Learn how to use the camera feature so you can see what's ahead.
*Clean up the gameplay which will help with the random difficulty.
*Set a theme for the map visually and for gameplay.

Replies/Suggestions are welcome.
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 25, 2015
Don't forget fog / music / ambience triggers, all 3, at a bare minimum.  Even if you just want to set every sound emitter to 0.  Otherwise you get random noises.

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