by ratingus
created Feb 7, 2015
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map notes
Not entirely happy with this one, but decided to work on it and publish it anyways.

Huge thanks to Shin for doing camera stuff, redoing some gameplay, doing the thumbnail and sharing a map he had scrapped for me to use a section from.

Gameplay and visual inspiration from Metamagical by SubparFiddle, Constructive Interference by Towelie, Scaffolding and Rooftops.

There are 3 apples and 1 secret to find.

The thumbnail represents how Shin feels about this map.

Alternate names: Down the Drain, Water Reservoir, UltraGigaMegopolis, Literal Shit Map.

Criticism is appreciated.
retagged Feb 9, 2015


Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 7, 2015
The thumbnail is a masterpiece that I'm still not sure the world is ready for.  Humanity will be tested, one way or another.  Guess it's a good thing that we're overseeing the test, Ratingus.
edited Feb 7, 2015
said Feb 8, 2015
Plays nice and looks good, lags for me at the sloped wall, dunno why.
Next up a Lateralus map, with some spirals and Fibonacci references ?
said Feb 8, 2015
Fun fact: I scrapped 3 maps prior to this one, including one which was called Spiral Out.
You should totally do a Lateralus map.
edited Feb 8, 2015
said Feb 8, 2015
Isn't that bad of a map.
said Feb 9, 2015
Really great map, nicely decorated also!
But why that thumbnail, I thought it was a joke map and I skipped it initially lol
said Feb 9, 2015
Thanks Giamma. Shin made the thumbnail when he was helping me with some stuff, he put it in as a joke (probably becasue the map was very bad at that point) but I decided too keep it.
said Feb 9, 2015
Can't say I expected this level of quality from the thumbnail.

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