by Nerphs
created Jan 5, 2015
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This is a tricky one, so I really hope the enemies and platforms are clear enough. I made the enemies a bit green right before publishing because I felt they weren't visible 2enough.
So this was all about trashcans, and managing the 9 health points they have. I still think it's entertaining to do, but I'm glad I stopped increasing the size of the map with the Sixth trashcan.

Sorry I'm late, Today's map is finished. Will upload when I wake up, in case I have to do a quick fix.
edited Jan 21, 2015


said Jan 5, 2015
i really really dont like trashcans
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 5, 2015

Let's race on Trashcan Volley.  Your Favorite!
said Jan 6, 2015
Shoutouts to Bloodline Champions~

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