Nuclear Zone

by Krankdud
created Nov 16, 2014
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map notes
Welcome to the Nuclear Zone! A custom nexus by Krankdud featuring 13 new levels in an abandoned wasteland.
Explore fortresses built to withstand time, traverse the rocky landscape, or board ol' Slimebeard's ship!
This nexus replaces the multiplayer nexus in the main nexus.

Due to how the red key doors work, it is recommended that you start from a new save file for the full experience.

WARNING: Use ALL the keys you get from these levels before exiting the game! If you exit the game, you'll lose the keys you got from these levels.

1. Create a backup of the 'Main Nexus DX' file in 'content/levels2'
2. Download and extract to your Dustforce folder (where dustforce.exe is)
3. OPTIONAL: Backup your stats0 file from 'user' and delete it to start from a fresh file. If you are using Steam, also delete the stats0 file from 'steam/userdata/<account>/65300/remote/user' and disable Steam Cloud.
4. Open Dustforce, go to the multiplayer nexus, and enjoy!

Special thanks to Calistus, Furkiepurkie, and Tropicallo for some last minute testing.

Thanks to the folks over at #dustforce for all the testing they did:
Antinumeric, Brudish, Calistus, crate, Doughnation, EklipZ, Husky, invert, Itay7, Lightning55, Snow, Takari, TheBirdOfPrey, Towelie, Tropicallo, VirgateSpy, Wazzy
Sorry if I missed someone.

Good luck & have fun!

edited Sep 18, 2017


said Nov 16, 2014
On it!
said Nov 16, 2014
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 16, 2014
I installed it and will fumble my way through the ensuing difficulty for the glory of Krankdud.  Unless there's an Infini-Difficult in here, then I'll quit in a huff.

Edit: I love most of the maps, but the weakest part is actually the nexus itself.  A lot of it is very bland, especially the rocky areas with nothing breaking up the tiles and few to no props.  Still, I'm having a lot of fun with all the maps.  Slimebeard's Ship is my favorite.
edited Nov 16, 2014
said Nov 16, 2014
said Nov 16, 2014
said Nov 16, 2014
Oh...this is the new nexus? I just downloaded it and accidentally did the red keys door level first. Whoops. (I also didn't want to deal with a new save file.)

Only discovered this after I got a silver key. Looks amazing! Great job, everyone!
kill the dustbinary
said Nov 17, 2014
All of these maps are lovely!
said Nov 17, 2014
10/10 would nexus again
said Nov 17, 2014
what do we do if we're still on the old build
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 17, 2014
Probably replace the file named Nexus or Nexus1 or whatever... Instead of NexusDX.
said Nov 17, 2014
Amazing work!
said Nov 17, 2014
Great set of maps, only map I disliked was Fortified Temple, it felt awkward. The rest of the levels were amazing, great job Krank!
said Nov 17, 2014
yo this was pretty cool
said Nov 18, 2014
wow now that i got it to work i haven't had this much fun in a while
said Nov 18, 2014
fortified temple is way harder (read: annoying) than shape of you
said Nov 20, 2014
Thank you Krankdud for all of this! The levels are all really great and you have an excellent sense for level design and aesthetics. Cool Nexus as well, keep it up :-)
said Nov 21, 2014
Im blown away
said Nov 22, 2014
felt like I was playing a nexus made by hitbox, really amazing stuff.
said Nov 30, 2014
Still playing through this, but I wanted to say that the top part of Trashway Speedway (with the 3 flying things) is easy to miss - the camera doesn't move to show what's above the trash can unless you go up there (I was supering from below).
said Nov 30, 2014
Beat Fortified Temple.  Dead last and I don't even care.

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