The Split

by watforderic
created Oct 7, 2014
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said Oct 7, 2014
I feel like it could have used a checkpoint after the first drop and there were places where the camera suffered (the slime golem and one area in the virtual space kind of got stuck).
said Oct 7, 2014
pls detach cam
said Oct 7, 2014
wtf is this
said Oct 7, 2014
Faulty as hell but it has some charm
said Oct 7, 2014
Camera is much too zoomed in, the constant changing of scenery doesnt help that its indistinguishable from the background, layer 20 covers dust in places, spikes are just on the floor you are meant to walk on for no reason.

The map starts with me having nothing to do except hold right for 3 seconds. Just move the start position

30 seconds into the map i have a blinddrop into....walking right for another 5 seconds. Why? i'm falling asleep at the keyboard with how non-interactive sections like this are.

The end section of the map is entirely uninteresting and unecessary, Dustblocks for no reason that just serve to make the section take longer since you can't jump into the air for a groundboost or slopeboost. Boosting would alteast be something to do, and would take less time compared to holding a direction for several seconds at a time.
said Oct 7, 2014
bird blesses us with yet another halite crystal
Probably not Towelie
said Oct 7, 2014
his wisdom is infinite
said Oct 8, 2014
Yeah, but he's not wrong.
said Oct 7, 2014
Watch this for how to make good cameras:

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