by Sunder
created Sep 14, 2014
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map notes
Another quick map, trying to get into the hang of polishing concepts quickly.
retagged Sep 14, 2014


said Sep 14, 2014
Fun map and I like the castle theme. If you put 2 fog-triggers above each other at the start the stars will show up ;-)
said Sep 14, 2014
Thank you! :D And thanks for the tip, I'm only just starting to work with Fog Triggers so I'm kinda flying blind lol
said Sep 14, 2014
awesome map
said Sep 14, 2014
Way to make it look a lot harder than it actually is. Nice job with the map!
said Sep 14, 2014
Cool map but the visuals are distracting. There's too many layers to what's going on with it. Also, the sliding upwards into the spikes you have to jump above isn't really fun or hard, it's just annoying. I do like the general map flow though and I like the concept and use of fog triggers, it just needs to be cleaned up.
said Sep 14, 2014
Unintentional dusting pun~
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 16, 2014
Level plays well except for a few bad spots like the ceiling run right into spikes, but the art has some real issues.  Everything connecting the foreground together is kinda hodge podged and inconsistent, and a lot of the castle tops of platforms are also very inconsistent.  It just looks sloppy IMO, plus your put the moon on the same layer as clouds so you can't properly control the moon color.
said Sep 22, 2014
I really like this map, I'm sad it's so short though! :s

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