Outer Wall

by Giamma
created Aug 31, 2014
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map notes
Thanks to Superkid and Furkiepurkie.
Also big thanks to Tropicallo for testing the map several times and suggest me the title.

Hope you enjoy!


said Aug 31, 2014
I love it! The visuals fit perfectly with the level itself. The capsule in the end is really cool!
said Aug 31, 2014
said Aug 31, 2014
Is this a BLAME! level?

I can't do that final jump/ceiling cling, I always fly off to the left :<
said Aug 31, 2014
No I don't know BLAME!, the level is initially started with this wallpaper in mind (EDIT: link doesn't work, try to search "wall cube wallpaper", the first two results in images)... but then it became mostly inspired by the game Q.U.B.E..

I dont' know what tips I could give you for the last final jump/ceiling cling... after you leave the angled wall,  try to jump (in the air) in the opposite direction very quickly :D.
Oh and you have to save your air jump. In the second last cube with slime, you have to jump immediately when you land on it, so you can reach that angled wall (with slime) without using an air-jump or air-dash. Hope it's not too gimmicky :/.

Or you can avoid it using dustworth or using a different way (that not involve spikejumping and it shouldn't be slower... probably not easier though :p).
edited Sep 1, 2014
said Sep 1, 2014
I adore the visuals, you really nailed the theme! Great map Giamma :)
said Sep 1, 2014
Thanks, glad that you liked it :D
said Sep 2, 2014
It looks great!
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 2, 2014
I personally really like the art direction in this level.  It plays fine, although it's not really my style, but the art is just great.  The little touches like that work on the background, that little glow in the bottom right and such... it all comes together very nicely.
said Sep 4, 2014
This reminds me of rata sum. Really like the visuals
said Sep 4, 2014
Good job Giamma. Couldn't finish the level because apparently speed + lag + small platforms doesn't work for me, but watching some runs I really appreciate this level. The ending reminds me of The End. Love free floating stuff in space. :D
said Sep 4, 2014
Thanks for comments!

@Meark: fun fact, I initially planned that it became all white when you had reached the last prism, like in The End. But then I thought it's too similar.
I failed to hide that I gave more than one look on your maps xD

I'm sorry for the lag... maybe it's caused by "that little glow in the bottom right" (Shin it should be a planet in my mind ahah) but I'm not sure.
edited Sep 4, 2014
said Sep 4, 2014
Hahaha It's cool, that's why my maps are up here for people to look at and be inspired with new ideas. I honestly think it's my computer when it comes to the lag. According to my friend, my computer I play Dustforce with is now obsolete :<

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