abandoned building

by Gorror
created Aug 28, 2014
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map notes
Special thank's for slasher.for painting BG, and other decorations
edited Aug 28, 2014


said Aug 28, 2014
The camera means several of the drops are blind and you can't see where to land.

The background and foreground are not easily distinguishable from each other (particularly the purple bricks from the red ones)

You cover up the player with layer 20 so I can't see where I am or what I can collide with to advance in the level.

Dropping the player straight next to enemies doesnt give them time to react and is random whether or not you lose your combo or not
said Aug 28, 2014
Great level dude!
said Aug 28, 2014
I can see a lot went into this level and I really like it. The camera could use a little work, but I'm not the best camera man on maps so perhaps someone else can help with that. Dx

I was trying to figure out what I am missing and I guess there is a spot in that building and I didn't notice hidden arrows behind the painting. :<
edited Aug 28, 2014
said Aug 28, 2014
slasher only paint BG,camera and other i made myself
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 28, 2014
This map has a lot of problems that could've been avoided if you had someone else test it during the process.  Lots of blind drops with a camera too zoomed in and bricks that can be tough to see, mean the map is only fun if you know the route beforehand.  The blind drops directly into enemies are a big no no and very sloppy, causing people to lose combos up to luck.  A HUGE problem is the checkpoint like the one by the first golem that are EASY to hit while fighting the enemies, which means when you respawn THEY ALSO RESPAWN, and depending on position they get free hits on you.  Make sure you only place checkpoint boxes in places clearly past entities or dust so the player can't end up in a situation like that.  There are also various tiny oddities, such as a block above a turkey that serves no purpose, can't really be used for a ceiling run, but is close enough to spread dust on with an upheavy...  Why is that there?  Why isn't it covered in spikes?  Or up higher?  Things like that.  The part inside the building is also... just awful, blind zips, unseen dust, and they have transparent glass tiles exactly for this situation so you don't have to make it so blind and confusing.
edited Aug 28, 2014
said Aug 28, 2014
oh sheesh this level is quite busy on the eyes. it's a bit hard to keep my eyes focused on the important bits when playing in it. feels nice besides that though.

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