lost in the pages

by timelessgun
created Aug 18, 2014
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map notes
So got another map for you guys to enjoy.
I had some one test this map but Im not sure if they got every thing.
Im sorry it took so long i just didn't know what to do but hopefully
you guys like this. it kinda long ( for me )but Im sure you guys can beat it in no time.
 if you find anything plz tell me.


said Aug 18, 2014
The camera is a bit iffy in some places, and in the future, if you want to drop a from the camera path, use a disconnect node. The most forward background could have done with being a touch darker, but otherwise that was good.

With that all out of the way, the level was beautiful. You did a nice job with props, although on a lower end machine they might be too numerous. I have no way of testing that. The platforming was nice, and you used dust blocks without them being too annoying and always eating my double jump.

Keep up the good work!
said Aug 18, 2014
this is my first time with the camera and i see what you mean so what do i do about that. should i not have the camera or place it in optional area.
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 18, 2014
Detach nodes are awsome.  Connect nodes aren't implicitly necessary, since the free camera connects to any normal nodes it sees nearby.  The main use of connect nodes are that you can adjust the trigger radius (and it's helpfully visible) so it can quickly pull the camera to a point further away.  Reverse engineering the stock maps was useful for learning cameras.
said Aug 18, 2014
Show me senpai or can you tell me how you get all does cool color and affect on your maps
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 19, 2014
Just download maps you want to understand into the other levels folder under users in the Dustforce directory on your PC.  I'm at work so I can't look it up, but I'm pretty sure it's steamapps / common / dustforce / user / levels_src.  Hell Parapets uses a detach and connect node right at the beginning like the stock level its based upon.  Opening some Meark maps will be useful for learning advanced art.
edited Aug 19, 2014
said Aug 19, 2014
thank you
said Aug 18, 2014
Looks really nice, although it can be a bit hard to distinguish layers at times. I just wish the start was a bit more boost friendly.
said Aug 18, 2014
I agree with you. Really pretty and good gameplay itself. I like it. :)
said Aug 18, 2014
Super awesome library themed map dude!
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 18, 2014
Man that was really well decorated, nice work. I do agree though that it is difficult to distinguish between layers especially at the beginning.
said Aug 18, 2014
too many layers.
said Aug 19, 2014
This map is beautiful.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks for creating levels that draw me in.

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