map notes
Initially my very first map. It has been over a year ago since I created this map. This is an edited version that was supposed to get included into the DLC for the console version of Dustforce. Judging by the credits of the PS3 version, it seems like this map didn't actually get in in the end so I decided to publish the fixed version to Atlas instead, because PC Master Race.

The map itself isn't really good to be honest, but it'll always have a special kind of place in my heart <3
edited Jun 27, 2014


said May 13, 2014
Slavedriver Hitbox Team forcing tiny Purkies to work without even using it after the fact, gg.
said May 13, 2014
also why is this so hard
said May 13, 2014
that pixel art still rules
said May 13, 2014
This map brings back bad memories. I'm afraid to attempt to complete it. ;)
said May 14, 2014
This level taught me how to think, and therefore it's the greatest level i've ever played.  Also I swear porcupines are ninjas, i'll be spamming attack, and they slip it right through...

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