Syrup Tower

by Captain Syrup
created Mar 1, 2014
714 views | 693 downloads

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map notes
Man making maps that aren't based on things that already exist is tough.

I had a lot of lofty ambitions for this map, but I basically gave up on all of them. I'm still publishing it, because I'd like to get some advice from people playing it and watch replays to see what's intuitive and what isn't.

Have fun as always.

Edit: Sorry I had to reupload I forgot gosh dang cameras.

Also I put a bit more dust at the end because people didn't have super where they were supposed to.



said Mar 1, 2014
Your map is good and you should feel good. I really like it, especially the length.
said Mar 1, 2014
i like the underwater transition. i've always been strangely obsessed with games that let you go underwater.
said Mar 1, 2014
Was just about to say the same thing, the underwater part at the end was pretty cool haha.
Captain Syrup
said Mar 1, 2014
Every time I go down there in testing I get really confused. I know it's just blocks and it doesn't change the physics, but I just can't help trying to adjust for my character being more floaty. It's weird.
said Mar 2, 2014
Haha, yeah, I had the exact same experience. It felt really strange o.o

Fun map!
said Mar 2, 2014
Is this hyrule down there?
said Apr 30, 2014
I really really like this map. Great flow. My only qualm is with the camera in the underwater section. After jumping through the spikes and killing the first jelly blob I feel blind while falling to see the second one as the camera raises up while hitting it. If the camera were just a smidge lower or fixed on that set-piece. It'd be perfect.

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