forest climb

by watforderic
created Aug 13, 2013
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map notes
This will probably be my last forest map for awhile (3 in a row).

Things to look out for/know, is that the flow isn't too brilliant and it glitches slightly near the "space invader theme*ish" climb. But enjoy!


said Aug 13, 2013
Congrats on map submission #5!!
I'm on my phone atm (no Dustforce), so I can't play it yet :( Will let you know what I think soon!~
said Aug 13, 2013
Beautiful map. Also plays nice, though personally I didn't like the section with all the horizontal platforms.
edited Aug 13, 2013
said Aug 13, 2013
Thanks man and yeah i second that, the horizontal platforms killed the flow. I also should of tidied it up a bit as well there was too many ragged edges effecting the characters ability to move smoothly.
said Aug 13, 2013
I had a similar glitch on my very first map. I think it was something to do with the emitters and props I had to remove some fireflies or maybe it's just because of all the props but man is it pretty. o:
said Aug 13, 2013
Thanks man!
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 14, 2013
How in the world did you get the props to move? At that horizontal platforms section there are moving books...
said Aug 14, 2013
I think that's all major glitch-out because of too many emitters & props (see Meark above)
said Aug 15, 2013
so beautiful! i dont get why it has such a bad rating

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