8pixelbit hit

by digi7
created Jul 18, 2013
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map notes
Hey there guys, I took a break from my usual day of game designing to do some more game designing... Here's a level for my all-time favourite platformer with one of the best communities ever.

Let me know what you think and if you find any errors.


Sorry for the re-upload, should be SS completeable now
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Jul 18, 2013
a level after my own heart <3

love the color scheme and the abstract aesthetic. the balloons are awesome. freaking amazing man
said Jul 19, 2013
Thanks mate! Glad you liked it.
said Jul 19, 2013
And of course Seight comes along and destroys the whole scoreboard...
said Jul 19, 2013
Sorry dude :(. On the bright side the level is pretty damn awesome!
said Jul 19, 2013
It's okay, you can't help being a Dust God. Thanks man! Glad you like it
said Jul 19, 2013
Wow. This map is just beautiful.
said Jul 19, 2013
Thanks Liam, I've been painting with this kind of aesthetic for years.
said Jul 19, 2013
Lovely visual design, and it's easy enough that I can finish it without getting frustrated. ^_^  My one quibble, and it's a small one, is that the respawns place the player in the air, rather than on the ground.  Other than that, absolutely wonderful.
said Jul 19, 2013
Amazing map, I hope that you will make more maps with this visual style...and with more bright  flowers!
said Jul 19, 2013
Very beautifull map 5/5, such a great flow and the colors are amazing.

Can't wait to see more of you.
said Jul 19, 2013
The art style really reminds me of a game called Closure.

Loved it, the only thing is that at the very end, if you mistime the area attack or whatever, you can't get the SS :( Good job though! <3
said Jul 20, 2013
Thank you so much, I'm very glad you guys like it.
said Feb 20, 2014
This map fit really well with the music im listening to
Nice map dude

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