Garbage Forest

by watforderic
created Jul 15, 2013
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map notes
It's a mess


Probably not Towelie
said Jul 15, 2013
The platform position really makes for good groundboosting. However there are two spots where the flow is pretty much halted and that is the beginning where there are three enemies above each other, and right after with the block of garbage that stops the player, if you had made a slope right after the three enemies and no platform in the middle of the water it would have been a really clean dashing level. Either way great job on this one its simple but very fun.
said Jul 15, 2013
I don't find the turkeys too jarring, but the garbage block really throws me off. I've yet to find a method that works well there and is consistent.
said Jul 15, 2013
Thanks man, yeah the level doesn't flow too brilliant, hopefully my next one is better.
said Jul 15, 2013
i liked it; it's quite pretty.

another thing you could have done is place the three enemies in a line and removed the floor under them; then the player could have floated that part. would have been more flowy.

also, i think you should have removed the dust underneath the final enemy. idk it's awkward to have to go out of your way to pick it up.

good work though man
said Jul 15, 2013
Nice artwork with all the layers and details :D
said Jul 15, 2013
Looks really good, but the flow is iffy in a few spots.
said Jul 15, 2013
Felt like a real Hitbox level to me, kind of awkward but that's part of what makes it fun; having to figure out the best path through it. Neat.
said Jul 16, 2013
beautiful level and a good way to practice groundboosting :-)
said Jul 16, 2013
Thanks guys, wasn't really all that pleased with the flow so I'm starting over. Hopefully I'll finish it by tonight
said Jul 16, 2013
Easy and beautiful, great job! I agree with the weird flow parts in the beginning though.

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