Street Cleaner

by BatElite
created Mar 31, 2013
501 views | 750 downloads

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map notes
A large city map made in 6 days.

City maps are great to make because you can add a lot of stuff from just about any tileset without anything looking out of place.
However, the map took forever to finish.

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said Mar 31, 2013
Wow, this is awesome! So many little details that make it feel like a real place, including all the extra rooms. I think I wouldn't mind if it were a level just for the story, but the gameplay worked in its favor too!
Ahhhh I love the signage
said Mar 31, 2013
Can't say I like really long maps. This one is well designed and flows pretty well, though.
said Mar 31, 2013
kinda confusing where to go but overall really good map
said Mar 31, 2013
Really legit map though the length does test my patience.
said Mar 31, 2013
Woa this is so awesome, I haven't looked at it in more detail but just a few quick playthroughts, the airballoon is pretty fucking awesome :D I will come back and play this some more later.
edit: yes, so many details it is awesome, like random entire rooms in buildings that you enter trought air shaft, I especially liked to light-board that was hanging outside of the window, also really good job on some on the layering, it comes out beautiful. Nice one BatElite!
edited Mar 31, 2013
said Mar 31, 2013
Aesthetically really nice looking level, can't imagine how long this took you. It also plays really well, gj.

Edit: Nevermind, the special at the end is fine I'm just bad lol.
edited Mar 31, 2013
said Apr 2, 2013
The amount of detail you put into these maps in incredible. Awesome job!

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