Shore Acres1

by C. Cleveland
created May 1, 2012
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map notes
a map of one of my favorite places on the outskirts of cleveland. i'd recommend being good at keeping your momentum cuz there's a lot of ramps that require a lot of air.
edited May 2, 2012


C. Cleveland
said May 1, 2012
the tracking for the best time route is weird :\ if you land on the top of the first slope on the top then itll snap to you.
said May 2, 2012
I like the level but can't seem to gain enough speed. Any tips?
said May 2, 2012
Man, that's some terrific original aesthetics. Love the way in which you used the water.
C. Cleveland
said May 2, 2012
@Rmatey usually hold down and w/e direction im goin on the slopes and at the very bottom just mash dash. theres a rhythm to it to keep your momentum. you can practice it on park. i kinda modeled the speed thing after that level.

@Tinker thanks man. the level is modeled after the beach near my house that just has a bunch of rocks instead of sand. i wanted more water but it just didnt look right.
Probably not Towelie
said Jan 7, 2013
I think I just started another war between us like on Apple Orchard XD
said Mar 2, 2014
nice view

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