by Shyguy27
created Mar 7, 2013
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said Mar 7, 2013
Felt certain sections were too dark... other than that no real complaints.  Pretty solid for a long map.
said Mar 7, 2013
most long levels get really tiresome after a while, mainly because a singular aesthetic carried on for that long becomes really monotonous.

this map, though, had none of those problems. i really liked the mixture of virtual and "regular (?)" tiles. the trigger usage was legit too. amazing work, man!

difficulty is reasonable too.
said Mar 7, 2013
The end of the city section is a little dubious, it's not super clear that the right wall is background and the dust on the roof is a bit hidden so it's not as obvious that you're going up there as it could be. Great otherwise. Nice theme.
said Mar 8, 2013
Really liked the virtual transitions.
said Mar 9, 2013
This map has an original feel to it and a decent amount of challenge. Love what you did with the triggers, too. The sky is fun to look at and it complements the rapidly changing scenery. It's a bit long to play for a perfect score, but not much is wrong with the level itself.
said Mar 9, 2013
Neat! For a lengthy level like this it has just about the right difficulty, and the visual stuff was great. Some minor things I noticed was that the castle area is VERY dark, meaning it was sometimes tricky to see where you were going. Also the circular area with the floating lab blobs seemed rather hard in comparison to the rest of it, and could feel frustrating because it's so near the end.

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