by Kaiser Cat
created Jan 25, 2013
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map notes
A very bright virtual map. Virtual maps are cool because you don't have to work very hard on the scenery. I made this after getting frustrated because I am bad at making nice-looking scenery. The level is SSable with all characters but I wouldn't reccomend Dustkid or Dustworth because an SS run with them is harder and slower (especially for Dustworth) than an SS run with the more "normal" characters.

Of course, now that I've said that, everyone is going to try to get the fastest time with Dustworth.

Enjoy! Or don't enjoy, and give a 2 out of 5. I won't take it personally.


said Jan 25, 2013
That zig-zag slide part is confusing and hard! I'm probably just bad at it, though. :U
Most of the level flows really well. Still a few small gripes. The map's nice and bright, but at some points maybe a little too bright? Sometimes it's hard for me to catch where the spikes are.
You could use some zoomed-out cameras too, esp. at the parts when you're jumping down and you don't really know where you're going.
said Jan 25, 2013
Also that is such an appropriate tag. I can definitely relate :V
Kaiser Cat
said Jan 25, 2013
I didn't think the zig-zag slides would be confusing, but then again I'm the one who made them. The only time I noticed the brightness making it hard to see things was for the short spiked column you jump onto early on, but even so I should have set it to be a little less bright. Cameras are still something I'm learning.

Thanks for the feedback!
said Jan 25, 2013
Only thing I can mention is to remember to test the map with all the characters. It's really hard to see Dustgirl because of the background. At least for me it is; since she blends in.
said Jan 25, 2013
Dustworth reporting in. 42 seconds is decent, but a second or two faster is certainly possible using the same route. =)

As for general feedback, what would improve pretty much any level the most is learning how to place cameras. Getting even some basic ones down does wonders for how a level feels, and it's not that complicated to get a hang of.
Opening up some of the original levels in the editor and checking how they're placed there can certainly help. And you could then try to remove them and see how much worse the level feels without cameras. =)

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