5 Special V Ceilings

by dcbc1000
created Mar 8
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map notes
It was my birthday yesterday. plz be nice. A harder version of the middle section of struggle but improved.
retagged Mar 9


said Mar 8
Back to making the same thing over and over again I see
said Mar 9
Eh, I don't really get the feedback when this map is so fun to grind, lol. Most of the time when people go 'this map is bad' it feels bad to play and I couldn't work out how to make it actually fun but this map is actually decent, lol. Just hold right and everything automatically setups. Doesn't make it easy though.

I changed this quite a bit to make everything work out. This feels way more fun to play than the original. Thus, improved. I have started making sure to only release maps that I would actually enjoy grinding. I SS'd this too so... lol.

I will admit that it is a hard map and far from my highest effort map. The best maps are routing maps but they take a lot of time to make (changing perspective took a couple of days and is basically a single screen map copy pasted with an interesting gimmick).

In my opinion, this map is around exa difficulty and took a while to be able to beat consistently. Easier than clunktorium, harder than changing perspective and 10 special v-ceilings. Most of the challenge comes from the lack of breaks. Not as fun as changing perspective though but a way better map than 10 special v-ceilings.

In conclusion, I am sort of confused. This isn't the same thing over and over. I have been trying to experiment with how I use these overly precise v-ceilings because the inputs are satisfying to pull off, just the execution has always been really bad so it sours peoples opinion of them. I feel as though they haven't really gotten a fair chance to shine. Switching from holding a down input to an up input with buffered jumps after the inputs is actually really fun rhythm.

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