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map notes
Every Single highly rated map seems to follow the same boring boost->disjoint->enemy climb pattern. Don't you guys get bored of going fast? I tried making maps that are actually fun but they got rated super low. So here's a map you guys might actually like. It goes boost->disjoint->enemy climb repeat. Stole kau's ramen fog trigger again this time with actual sublayer colouring. Tested with man this time just to make it especially authentic. Play other characters at your own risk.


said Feb 14
said Feb 14
bring back the v ceilings
said Feb 14
he's solved map making!
said Feb 14
I dunno, going fast is pretty fun in this game. If boredom comes from the core mechanics of boosting, disjointedness (which I take to mean parts where you don't have a safe floor to stand on), and hitting enemies for charges, then yes every map is boring. In my opinion, variation of these mechanics is what makes things interesting and fun. For boosts you can have slope boosts, slant boosts, ground boosts, fit boosts, low boosts, etc. in different orders for variation. For disjointedness you have all your ways to drop combo: dying, getting hit, dust too far away. For climbing you can decide when and where air charges are added, whether you need to light or heavy attack, whether you have a wall you can climb and whether you need to conserve your air charge when climbing that wall, and the cadence with which you want to hit enemies or jump, etc.

When there is little variation is when things get boring for me. Doing the same boost into the same ceiling 5 times in a row or hitting the same 5 prisms in left right left fashion.

The other thing that is fun in this game aside from going fast is getting SS. If going fast is too hard then generally, just getting SS is the other option. Unfortunately, I think the majority of people would consider an any% or an S completion to be less fun.

So I believe the reason for the super low ratings on the maps is because of the following:
- the maps have some tech that are difficult which makes it hard to go fast
- the maps have some tech that are repeated too often which contributes to map length and makes it hard to SS

Like I think if EU diplomatic meeting were split into 3 parts so that each part was about a minute long (or maybe even condensed into a 90 second map), it'd be much more enjoyable to play because they are much more SSable and thus more likely to have some competition on it which would make people go fast.
said Feb 14
Thanks for the feedback kau.

I will admit, I don't generally enjoy speedrunning or grinding for SS completion. So yeah that probably makes my maps pretty bad. My idea of fun is managing resource use to minimise uses of <insert-action-here>. For me, dashless or min-attack S completion is more fun to grind for than SS on most maps. My first daily and custom clears is almost always dashless low-attack S completion as worth.

By disjointed, I mean a ceiling run without a floor after a long flat section not the lack of a floor.

Thanks for your take on why the ratings are so low. It helps me know what to avoid in the future. I don't intentionally make bad maps.

The last point about EU diplomatic meeting. I thought of making a condensed version but haven't yet got around to finishing it. The middle section of hell climb took part of my work on that. Condensed diplomatic meeting might be more fun tbh.
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said Feb 14
at least people rate your maps, that's a hard thing to come by on atlas
said Feb 15
Check out the dyschromatopsia map pack. It has varied gameplay and isn't all boosts and climbing. Not many people actually SS it but they still respect the design of the maps and rate the maps highly.

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