Cyber Complex 5

by Cyber Complex 5
created Oct 27
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map notes
Cyber Complex 5 is made up of the main DLC 5 event maps, a project spanning about two months. The team is happy to reveal how all of the DLC 5 maps are really put together in a full polished map, and we hope you enjoy it. Thank you to everyone involved.

Dustmod 23.10.1 required.

Mapmakers: Alexspeedy, arbitraryasian, BigDiesel, eponn, mister__simon, Temp, Ukkiez, Xiamul, Zaandaa.

Additional thanks to eponn for all the original music and audio, and thanks to C for general dustmod help including new features for CC5.

Look up included maps with the "cc5" tag.
edited Oct 28


said Oct 27
hey turns out cyber complex isn't too hard if you just practice every section for like a week

great map guys
said Nov 12
I've not ss'd any of them, but I'm pretty sure this is the easiest of the CC maps in general. I recall a couple of the CC maps have sections that walled me from completing them at all.
said Oct 27
IDK about that 5, i think it looks weird
said Nov 3
Team Custom was right and CC5 proves it

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