Firefly Sanctuary

by Sephirah
created Aug 4, 2022
264 views | 220 downloads

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map notes
Another easy level, trying to get a hang of the editor, have been enjoying my time making stages.
retagged Sep 6, 2022


said Aug 4, 2022
Another really well done map in general, but extra well done for someone new to the editor. Camera still feels strange to me and doesn't quite show me what I'd want to see but plays absolutely fine regardless.

Really impressed with what you've done so quickly!! Keep making more if you're enjoying it, I love having more maps to play !
said Aug 4, 2022
Thank you ^^ camera is one thing I've been struggling a lot with,
It feels like no matter what I do it doesn't feel good, I'm going to
keep messing with it until I figure it out then my levels will be
even better!!
said Aug 4, 2022
I'm sure plenty of people in the discord would be willing to help tinker/playtest. I'm not great with cameras but I can sure give them a look too if you'd like in any future maps.
said Aug 5, 2022
nice map, camera was honestly alright for me minus maybe one tiny spot at the start (image 1):

I quite like the interest nodes you had set up to frame the areas (this is a good idea!) but let the camera pull ahead when the player is getting close to the end of the area. I thin k just this small adjustment would have made this part of the camera a bit nicer: (image 2)

This was genuinely a really small thing though, overall for a new mapmaker this is extremely high quality.
said Aug 6, 2022
wow, i see! thank you for the images! <3 I appreciate the help ^^
said Aug 6, 2022
By the way you don't really have to tag "all characters", all maps are possible with all characters unless specified otherwise.
said Aug 7, 2022
Good level! Keep it up !

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