Mine Sweeper

by noloom
created Oct 26, 2020
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hard cave apple

map notes
My first map. There may be some jank.


said Oct 26, 2020
map is pretty good for a first one, but it has no camera. The pathing can be very confusing at times and the difficulty is not really any "fun" difficulty. It just feels like there is a bunch of awkward stuff. There are clips here and there, I'm not sure if those are intentional or not. I would suggest having players test it next time. If you need help with camera or getting people to test the map there are most likely more than enough people willing to help in discord.

Visually the map looks pretty ok. Not a lot of stuff going on, but that doesn't need to be a bad thing necessarily. What I would do personally is probably add some sort of lighting props here and there and use more parallax layers.
said Oct 26, 2020
without a doubt some jank, but pretty unique and interesting as well
said Oct 26, 2020
A lot of interesting movement that was difficult, but - for the most part - very fair. ie, when I died to it, it felt like I made a mistake in execution.
There were a couple of exceptions though: One is the two drops where you have to dash through a 3-tall gap felt bad to play, and it ended up feeling like luck whether I got through or not. The second is the one-tile slope section at the end of the level because without a camera, the slope that you're aiming for ends up off-screen, so it feels really bad when you miss it (not helped by the fact that it's at the end of the level).
But, other than those two things I definitely had a lot of fun figuring out the route and grinding the SS. I'd love to see more maps from you in the future!
said Oct 29, 2020
Map looked cool, but the platforming felt realllly awkward. Might just be way above my skill level.
said Nov 2, 2020

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