by Cobalt
created Aug 31, 2013
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map notes
A revised version of Vertigo, as requested.

-More killboxes on the outsides of the tower to prevent ridiculously long falls
-Edited triggers to allow for more contrast between foreground and background tiles
-Tweaks to difficulty of reaching the secret area (now slightly easier with all characters)
-Additional checkpoint when the player reaches the roof of the tower (just in case they accidentally fall off, they are not restarted at the middle of the tower)

As always, please let me know if there are any problems or if there are any additional edits you require.
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Aug 31, 2013
Oops, forgot to rename this one to "Vertigo v.2"
said Aug 31, 2013
i couldn't tell any of the differences but the original was great anyways
said Aug 31, 2013
Really beautiful map. :)
said Sep 1, 2013
I prefer the old contrast, I think that the tiles where you walked are too light and the backgorund is too dark (except for the final part)...however the map remains fantastic to play!
said Sep 5, 2013
I see what you mean. I personally thought the original contrast was OK, too, but Lifeformed asked me to change it so he could use my map.
said Sep 3, 2013
This was fun, and there was never a part where I was unsure of where to go. The flow was nice and it was on the easy side which was a nice refresher. I loved the large camera on the roof.

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