by Ukkiez
created Jul 21, 2020
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map notes
Testing out the possibilities with the "layer_controller" script.
Levels of jank may vary.

Credits and thanks for the script go to Skyhawk.
edited Jul 21, 2020


said Jul 21, 2020
Bit hard to tell when it's going to make the switch on first play through. I do appreciate the effort in the "simplistic" art style as it makes it not as much of a pain to find the character, though, the lines sorta made it confusing for me. Interesting map.

Edit: fuck you temp
edited Jul 23, 2020
said Jul 21, 2020
i agree on a first play through there's little chance of deciphering it, but once you play it a few times it's not too bad.

Edit: delo sux
said Jul 21, 2020
That's really fricken cool
said Jul 22, 2020
Glad you gave this a shot, and I think it honestly turned out pretty cool.  I personally thought your visual indicator for changing layers was a good idea, though unfortunately didnt 100% get rid of disorientation for me.  I think larger screen wipes would be better, but that is tricky because it would cover more gameplay by doing that.  Hopefully this inspires people to use this script more though because I think it has lots of potential cool stuff it can be used for.  

Another issue was brought up by chaoticenigma where you can softlock the level by going up right here:
if you go over the two teal horizontal lines you will get stuck on top.

Other than that I liked the simplistic design, and the gameplay was decent.  Cool map

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