by mister__simon
created Mar 27, 2020
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map notes
I started this map thinking "I want to make a map that is really long, but easy enough for all skill levels, but also varied enough to be interesting to different players". Not entirely sure all those points succeeded, but I'm still happy with it.

Massive thanks to Delotrix for doing the visuals!

Good luck on the race errrrbody!
And remember: ENJOIYYYYYYY!
edited Mar 28, 2020


said Mar 28, 2020
cant see shit
said Mar 28, 2020
This was an extremely cool level visually. Unfortunately spikes and dustblocks didn't really translate 100% to the 3d visuals. the dustblocks I think just needed a BIT more contrast between how they looked before and after you cleared them. the spikes just didn't really work....I was guessing whether most surfaces were spike or not the entire time. Otherwise great level! I think the level were flattened you would have hit your original goals perfectly. Would love to see something similar that either figures something else out for spikes or focuses on other hazards
said Jan 17
fuk delo

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