Rubber Cement

by Alexspeedy
created Mar 27, 2020
274 views | 434 downloads

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/ 1 vote

map notes
This is one of those rare times where I had a name for a map before I started it.

Also, praise msg555 for (among other stuff) adding support for sub-frame step callback in scripts which made this map possible without an insane amount of jank and/or weird edge-cases!
edited Mar 28, 2020


said Mar 28, 2020
cant see shit
said Mar 28, 2020
This map was a little awkward. Really fun when it worked, but really easy for it to fail

Starting a gimmick map with arguably the most confusing configuring of the gimmick in the entire level is kinda rough. I didn't really figure out what was happening until the first flat block. Would have been nice to have that come sooner or have a text trigger explaining what was going to happen. Also would have been nice if some of the low ceiling slides had a more forgiving entry bounce

Some dust clear issues as well. Multiple AS completions that I couldn't find the missing dust in a rewatch

All in all I want to reiterate that this was REALLY fun when things bounced as expected. I just had trouble making that happen in a lot of cases and the CMR format was pretty bad for taking my time to work out each piece of the level

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