by Naegleria
created Jan 2, 2019
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map notes
What is art?  How can we know it when we see it?  To me art is that which inspires, inspiring or instilling any emotion or thought in the observer, and when an artist can successfully transfer inspiration to their observers, that is when they have created something great.  This map is one of those things.  It came to me in a dream, and I knew that it would be hard to make but I set out to improve both my map making skills and my artistic potential to create "Huge" over these past few months.  I submit this knowing that it may very well be my magnum opus, the peak of my life's work; from here on its all Downhill.


said Jan 3, 2019
I love me some huge thing to play with, but why do I die suddenly :(
said Jan 7, 2019
How to put a Dustforce player into retirement. RIP dash finger.

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