Tempests Totems

by jdude0822
created Nov 16, 2018
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map notes
Collaboration With Tempest (and a Lot of Help From Indapop)

This map is OLD.  Enjoyed working on it with Tempest a ton, and got a lot of help from Indapop in terms of gameplay ideas and camera help (yeah camera is still kinda botched, but that is my fault).  There are some janky totem-quill kills in this map, so sorry in advance.  Also, Tempest didn't put in the large totems, so the name I guess is a complete lie.

Provide a link to noisy free jazz
Specifically the song preview by pharoah sanders is pretty noisy
Oh no
Too late
edited Nov 16, 2018

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said Nov 16, 2018
jank af

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